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Domestic Abuse


All too frequently, arguments quickly get out of control and misunderstandings lead to accusations of violence. You might even be attacked and have to defend yourself. Minor acts may become exaggerated. 

Accusations of domestic violence lead to jail time and fines as well as other civil matters that can significantly effect your life.  

We can help you deal with the immediate problems after the arrest such as asking the court to lift the "no contact" provision so that you can make arrangements to see your children, manage your finances, and help your family during this difficult time. 



Driving drunk, or Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), is a very common offense in Iowa and is a serious offense. 

An OWI can have a significant effect on your finances, freedom, and employment.

An arrest for OWI does not necessarily mean that you will be convicted. An experienced criminal defense attorney can contest the OWI charge and the evidence being used to support it. Your attorney can challenge the field sobriety exercises and the chemical tests. These tests are not above challenge, nor are the assertions of an arresting officer. 

We can help you fight the charges.



Although marijuana is legal in numerous states, it remains illegal in Iowa and can lead to jail time and fines if convicted.  

If you have been charged with marijuana or meth, we can help.  

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